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Music has always been the driving force for Marten. Music is perhaps the greatest emotive art. By accurately reproducing sound, we make moments that can move you. Our speakers are for discerning listeners. Those that want to hear reality. That want to feel it in their gut.


Marten has been reproducing music for the home for two decades. Our aim is letting you relive your finest musical moments. Our speakers are proudly designed and crafted in Sweden using exclusive technology and fine materials.


Keeping it real.
We make speakers that accurately reproduce the truth and beauty of natural sound. That dream turned a hobby into a business.
It’s still a strong part of the Marten ethos and steers product design and development.
In 2014, we created our own recording studio. With our speakers in mind, we designed a dual microphone studio.

MARTEN Mingus series speakers:

The Mingus series owes much of its early development to the Coltrane series, with the flagship series inspiring many design decisions, such as the use of diamond drivers.

However, the series has really come into its own. With the release of Mingus Septet in 2023, the series is very much a force to be reckoned with, leading Marten in new design directions. The inclusion of more custom drivers, specifically for Mingus Septet, is part of our current design strategy.

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