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Listen and you will hear!


To implement the frequently lauded intransigence and to build high-end audio products without tonal limitations: This was the demand and the aim with which Cessaro Horn Acoustics started in 2006 to revolutionize the high-end sector. This is the demand everything else is subordinated. We take high-end to the extremes! Not for the end in itself. But because of the conviction, that it takes special measures and materials to provide the best possible musical experience for the audiophile enthusiast in the privacy of one’s home. Following this guideline Cessaro has acquired a special role in the audiophile world.

With Cessaro high-end is not just a buzzword. To us high-end means absolute unwillingness to compromise when choosing our components, the dimensions of our products and our expenses in craftsmanship. We design and build for only one purpose – to reproduce a musical live experience the best way possible. In this process we use excellent components and materials, that are not used by any of our competitors because of their pricing structure. This separates Cessaro Horn Acoustics from competitors who also promote their intransigence in building their products.


Have a say! Besides all of our options for individualization, Cessaro additionally offers the possibility to realize technical and optical adjustments according to your personal preferences and wishes. Integration of components in given building structures, technical adjustments or further optical individualization: The limit for customization is only reached, if the reproduction of music is endangered. We don’t realize everything that’s technical and financial possible. We only realize what makes sense technically: Because a Cessaro system has to fulfill our highest acoustic demands also in a customized version.

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