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Only after a certain sound enters your “heart” you get the address where your “heart will find that emotion.”

Describe Extreme Audio’s mission is easy and difficult at the same time:

Difficult …  should be told all the anecdotes, facts and decisions of so many years, experiences and improvement  that do to what we are …
it’s easy … it’s how to describe the passion and heart of those who work there for years .

it’s easy now … only now, that there are behind us over 15 years of production and we have gained experiences, so we can look to the past clear and “see” our “view”, our DNA or our “mission”
We realized that some acoustics engineering principles , some sizes, some materials and some technical choices in a very natural way have become, over the years, some fixed points “involuntary” and “indispensable”, and last but not least recognized by others.

Then the  people and their “view” as  soul and strong .

It‘s difficult… the coherence and “view”
Our company is strictly artisan , handicraft and the team of people who compose loves to build by hand, just so we think , with continued efforts, we can conquer the sound quality.

Research, passion , hard work   and step by step, bringing sound quality into our products to have the “Music” , to create “emotion” to those who own them.

Each pair of speakers or cable is not built in “series” but it gets only after it has acquired the sonic identity in which we believe. Not be delegated to others the work that is needed to be executed custom-made for each pair of speaker or component.

It‘s  easy… few  recipes

Quality of components , materials and technique always that well “known”
Some technical choices have become business partners as the crossover to 6 db octave, the litz wiring, as the Heil tweeter,as the “Zellaton” and its new technology “children” … the ceramic Accuton …. traveling companions.

“The people again … and the tenacity ..”

it is sometimes difficult … sometimes you have to work day and night to get a sonic result with perseverance without feeling fatigue …. what makes us think that we love this job , we love to build “Music” first of all … the tiredness goes straight to the first notes of an object that “sounds” …

It‘ s hard to describe our strategies …
In fact, no our product is born linked into our marketing strategies and in fact, no one defines Extreme Audio as a masterpiece of marketing or sales strategies.

We identified like a small tailoring of quality rather a “label” fashion retailers … even if some of our designs have become common and familiar, but what we do not regret …. anything.

“In the small company production is the result of the passion of those who compose it.

People who love music and its vibrations ….
It ‘s easy and we are lucky because we create exclusive of extraordinary sonic qualities and emotional, and we like to follow the first engineering process to sale …. so personal and exclusive and “our” as the first day …

We like to follow the customers and their needs. This makes it easier for us to “know” what is expected of a customer.

The dimensions and the ways in which we can do anything “is” become our “Mission”, remains only “to feel” the quality and DNA of our products .”

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