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I, Robert Huber, have founded HSE in 1987 in Zürich, Switzerland.

I worked 33 years at Studer as development engineer, senior project and team leader in R&D and I made over 14 international patents for Studer, Soundcraft and Harman.

In parallel I graduated with a BSEE from ISZ (Ingenieurschule Zürich) in electronics and informatics and I founded HSE SWISS in Zürich.


State of the art, luxury audio, high-end: These are all definitions for devices that are optimised to reach the best possible sound quality with the corresponding excellent audio data.



The analog “king class” for the engineering is to build up a phono preamp.
To reach the perfect sound and the outstanding technical data we want, we had to develop new discrete gain stages and servo controlled zero ohm headamps.
With an EIN from -144dBu the ML-7  phono preamp is the lowest noise device on the market and you can hear it!



Perfect symbiosis between electronics and mechanical design.
After the concept phase with lot of drawings and new ideas the R&D Department starts working with  the best available Tools like 3D mechanical CAD and layout systems to reach the optimum product quality.
A primary focus to reach the quality is to use only the best available components and materials.

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