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Swiss precision

logo CH PrecisionWhen the founders Florian Cozzy and Thierry Heeb of CH Precision started 10 years ago, it was with the goal of not just creating the highest performance audio circuitry, but leveraging it with the flexibility of powerful, software-driven control system and the construction and application of a modular design.

Each and every CH Precision circuit is designed with a single goal – to touch the signal as little as possible. It sounds simple and in some ways it is, at least on a conceptual level. But it also means accepting that conventional approaches and accepted practice fall well short of that ideal…

Providing the shortest signal path through a product is one thing; doing the least possible damage as the signal passes is quite another. One demands the smallest number of individual stages necessary to get the job done, with no inter-stage coupling via capacitors or transformers. The other necessitates multiple layers of electrical and mechanical isolation to protect the signal from noise and the outside world.

Now, 10 years on we can proudly say that CH Precision is widely recognized as setting new standards, firmly established as one of the benchmark brands in high-end audio.

CH Precision show
+ Estelon Forza
CH Precision show
CH Precision show
+ Estelon Forza

CH_Precision-First-PrinciplesRhapsody over CH Precision

De naam zegt genoeg: Zwitserse precisie. Combineer de veelzijdigheid van een Zwitsers mes en de precisie van Zwitsers uurwerk en voilà! Strak ontwerp en onberispelijk in zijn prestaties. De mannen van CH Precision weten door kennis, ervaring en ambitie de lat in de high-end wereld weer hoger te leggen.

Passiegedreven gaan ze tot het gaatje. En goed genoeg is geen optie alleen het ultiem haalbare doet er toe en mogen klanten verwachten. To the point, helder en concreet. De kunst van muziekreproductie.

Centraal in al hun ontwerpen is de modulaire opbouw van hun producten. De producten kennen diverse slots waardoor ze makkelijk te updaten zijn. Dat maakt het allemaal toekomstbestendiger.

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