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NO hybrid tube/transistor sound –

The exclusive LTD technology in ALIENO was inspired by two primary factors in our study of tube amplifiers.


Alieno logoThe first is the benefit of utilizing an OTL configuration over other traditional approaches. Eliminating the output transformer from the signal path is essential where sound transparency is concerned. In its absence, the true sound of tubes can be expressed in all their fullness.
In addition, some of the flaws generally attributed to tubes, such as slowness, lack of impact, poor low frequency control, to a large extent are not caused by the tubes themselves, but the output transformer.
Going through any output transformer, the signal undergoes two important transformations: from an electrical signal it is converted into a magnetic field and subsequently re-converted into an electrical signal. After this double conversion, a degradation of the purity and immediacy of the sound is inevitable.


The Second: Single Ended triode circuitry is renowned for its magical musicality, and notorious for its lack of power. The ideal amplifier for purity and clarity should combine the positive qualities of single-ended outputs with the elimination of an output transformer. It should also have sufficient output power to drive any reasonable load.


These desires were our motivation for inventing the innovative circuitry of the LTD design. Output power comes from the power tube, while supplies to the load, both voltage and current, where the current is supported by our unique semiconductor power supply process.
With 250 Watts per channel and generous amounts of current, ALIENO ensures authoritative control of speakers in any dynamic range, precisely tracking complex impedance load demands even of the most difficult to drive loudspeakers, allowing the full freedom to choose their typology.

Rhapsody over ALIENO buizenversterkers

Rhapsody is dealer van ALIENO

Redefining the state of the art of tube amp design. 


Vele beroemde buizenversterker-ontwerpen zijn de laatste dertig jaar bij Rhapsody de revue gepasseerd. Maar nog nooit heeft een merk zoveel indruk op ons gemaakt. ALIENO verbluft en zal je doen verbazen. De buizenliefhebber kan hier zeker niet om heen want technisch is het een compleet nieuw state-of-the-art-ontwerp.

Maar het belangrijkste is natuurlijk het resultaat. Of je deze buizenversterkers nu op Zellaton, MBL of andere topspeakers speelt, de kwaliteit verbluft. 

Alieno heeft een plaats verdient in het elite-gezelschap van de wereldwijde high-end-audio-topproducten.


Met trots voeren we dit merk exclusief in Nederland.


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